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About Me

I'm currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, majoring in Computer Science with an Entrepreneurship minor.

Project Showcase

AppConfig Generator

The AppConfig Generator is a tool which assists in the generation of a configuration plist for a mobile app on a device enrolled in an MDM solution.

AppConfig Spec Creator

This tool is an AppConfig xml spec creation tool built around simplifying the creation of xml spec files.


Automated Robotic Entity That Makes Interfacing Seamless


Real time chat application that uses google translate API to translate a message as soon as a user sends it to the receivers language, so that both people can type in their language and will receive messages in their language, even if they are both typing completely different languages. It also works for any amount of users in a group chat, and will still convert everyones messages to their set languages. This project works to close the language barrier around the world and also stop the loss of languages by allowing small languages to still communicate with groups of people who use more popular languages.


Jamf Billboard is a tvOS app that cycles through a defined group of images on Apple TV devices with tvOS 12.0 or later that are managed by Jamf Pro. It can also display a watermark in the corners of the screen.


DokuWiki Swift Interface

GDPR Automation Tool

This script is used to gather all personal information related to a specific user within Jamf Pro along with any devices their account is tied to as they may also contain more personal information.

Independent Study

Independent Study Related Items



Bukkit Plugins

Minecraft Bukkit Plugins for our server

URL Shortener

I built my own URL shortener


Websites i've created / worked on