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Automated Robotic Entity That Makes Interfacing Seamless

The goal of Artemis is to have one central way to manage everything in life.

Artemis is not just one program but instead multiple systems automatically working together to allow for easy collaboration between human and technology as well as create an easily accessible technological archive that delivers information as needed in a centralized manner.

Artemis can be interfaced with voice commands or the central control panel to request specific information or execute tasks when necessary.

There will be multiple dashboards to display information when needed neccessary.

How it works

There are 2 mains parts to Artemis

  1. The Knowledge Base
  2. Real-Time Interaction

Knowledge Base

Other names: Hub / Command Center

This will be a central web portal for all project, time and task management needs. It will also be able to store useful notes, files and documents. This web portal will be the hub for managing and configuring all realtime actions.

Real-Time Interaction

This will be what allows real-time communication between different devices and platforms.